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Monday, May 05, 2008

Baby owls now in juvenal plumage

The last set of baby Great Horned Owls I have been following on private land have matured to juvenal plumage. As can be seen in this pic I took yesterday, this nestling has brown feathers though it still has some white down. Though this nestling and it's sibling are now just over 2 weeks old, I kept my photography to 10 minutes. As usual, this photo has been enlarged--I was standing about 40 feet from the nest. An adult, likely the female, was across the road about a quarter mile from the nest.

After leaving the area and birding down the road, I stopped back by but viewed the nest from about 150 feet. The mother was in the nest, likely feeding the nestlings. Though this could be a great photo, and easy for me as they are in a private area to which I have access, I chose to leave them alone so as not to disturb vital feeding activity. Though I have enlarged this about as much as I can, double-clicking on it to enlarge it more will provide a great close-up of the owl's eyes (the eyes are still pretty sharp though the feathers are not) SeEtta


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