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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Cooper's Hawk

This morning as I birded the Canon City Riverwalk, I looked up and found this Cooper's Hawk perched about 35 feet directly above the trail. I believe this is the female that has a nearby nest. This bird is often perched either directly above or near the trail, but few general trail walkers spot her. She was seen frequently over the week-end as the Colo Field Ornithologists convention was being held in town and many birded the riverwalk.In the top pic, the hawk has it's wings spread a little, showing the underwing feathers well. The bird was getting ready to fly off and had moved it's wings out in preparation. The tail is well visualized also. The lower pic shows the head and face including the red eye ,a most distinctive feature on this species. The lower pic is an enlargement from the upper pic. The whole upper pic is enlargeable so double-click on it to see other parts of the hawk up close. SeEtta


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