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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Some progress on the threats to the Buena Vista pelicans

There has been some progress on the threats to the Buena Vista pelicans from subdivision owners who applied for a depredation permit. Gary Lefko contacted Denver Post reporter Rich Tosches who contacted me and then did a column on the issue in Wednesday's paper--you can read it at .

It seems that we have gotten the attention of the propertie owners, one of whom called me this week. He said they had no intention of shooting the pelicans, stating that an unknown CDOW employee advised his partner to get it and citing two different reasons for this advice.

And I believe we also got the attention of the US Fish & Wildlife Service who were quoted as saying they don't issue depredation permits "to enhance sports fishery" and a "real-estate sales wouldn't qualify for a permit." But read the article, there are a number of interesting points in it. So thanks for those of you who sent comments, this is another example of the positive impact we can have.

By the way, the owner of the subdivision around Ice Lake complained that he has had birders trespassing onto their private property (specifically including the trail that they put in around their lake). The only public/legal way to view the birds on Ice Lake is on the north side where the road around the lake/subdivision comes closest to the lake. The road is open to the public. You can view a good portion of the lake from the road area. Please do not enter this private subdivison property, especially don't use their private trail around the lake.

There is another newspaper article on the Buena Vista pelican issue, this one in the local Chaffee County Times. Though lacking Rich Tosches wry humor, it nonetheless adds a few more pieces of info to this puzzle. You can read it at


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