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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Canon City Riverwalk

After finding out that a singing male Hooded Warbler had been found on the west end of the Canon City Riverwalk, I birded there this morning. Hooded Warblers are rare in Colorado and this may well be the first seen in Fremont County.

I thought I heard the Hooded Warbler sing briefly but didn't see any bird that might be the Hooded. And the mosquitos were brutal (since I failed to put on insect repellent).

There were a number of singing Lazuli Buntings along the Riverwalk and a few Indigo Buntings. Yellow-breasted Chats were, as usual at this time of year, the most vocal birds here. A Northern Mockingbird made a brief appearance then disappeared into a thicket.

I was disappointed that I did not see a nest used by local Cooper's Hawks. For the past several years they have nested directly above the Riverwalk path, though unseen by all but a few. However, they may be nesting nearby as there was a small raptor in treetop a few hundred feet east, and it had stirred up all the other birds for quite a while as they protested the raptor in their area.

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