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Monday, June 12, 2006

More Pueblo County Dickcissels

As I had to go back to Pueblo County, I took the opportunity to check for more Dickcissels. Indeed, I located 2 more locations with a total of 5-7 singing birds. That makes a total of 10-12 singing male Dickcissels that I have found. Clearly there are going to be additional Dickcissels of the opposite sex.

Since at least 75% of the hay fields have already been mowed, if one assumes that there were proportionally as many in those fields then there might have been at least 30 males and about the same number of females. And that approximation of 60 Dickcissels is only for those fields I surveyed. The bottom line is that there were likely a lot of Dickcissels in Pueblo County this year.

The area I checked (though not in any thorough manner) was from around 36th Lane to Fields Rd/Avondale Rd on the west and east, and Business Hwy 50 to Fields Rd on the north and south.

Again I saw 2 Swainson's Hawks, 1 Lewis' Woodpecker (actually unusual not to have seen more) and Scaled Quail.


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