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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Common Loon & late Cattle Egret

Today I found a latish Cattle Egret loafing with a flock of Canada Geese at a private pond. This is it's photo--you can see the blackish legs these egrets have in winter and the hunched over posture.

I also found a Common Loon at Brush Hollow Reservoir. It was molting from alternate (breeding) to basic (winter) plumage, with mostly winter plumage showing. It was preening and bathing and scrathing. Loons have their legs positioned fairly posteriorly so when they bring their legs up through their wings to scratch it looks strange, almost like they have leg-shaped back scratchers they are using.

The bottom photo is of the Great Horned Owl I saw near Lake Cheraw in Otero County yesterday.

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