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Saturday, December 02, 2006

Eastern Bluebirds, a western treat

Gosh, we had another snow storm today with totals amounting to another 5 inches on top of a lot of snow left from the other storm a few days ago. Again, not common for this area. There is something about snow that seems to bring the bluebirds out in numbers.

Though I saw around a hundred Mountain Bluebirds today, the real treat was a small flock of (photo from Roejan Library) Eastern Bluebirds). While Western Bluebirds are common and Mountain Bluebirds can be abundant here, are quite uncommon. Sadly, this attractive species has suffered serious declines. The reasons for this decline is thought to be due to the following reasons: use of pesticides, competition from other cavity nesters such as the introduced House Sparrow and European Starlign, and apparently severe winters in the eastern U.S.

Pesticide use is harming a number of bird species. Learn how to use pesticides responsibly.


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