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Friday, February 02, 2007

All fluffed up against the cold

We lucked out last night-the arctic front blew through too fast to bring temps down as far as predicted or bring as much snow, only a few inches. And today it was sunny and temps bounced back to around 30. But the temps rose because the wind picked up and that brought a nasty wind chill. I caught this White-crowned Sparrow in a clump of rabbitbrush, all fluffed up to stay warm.

Because the temps didn't get too low last night (and maybe because there were so many waterfowl keeping the water stirred up?), there was still about the same amount of open water on Sell's Lake today. Only a few Canada Geese remained as the flock was likely feeding in some field. And I was relieved that there were no dead waterfowl as I have seen twice in the past several weeks on the ice.

Eagle Day at Pueblo Reservoir is tomorrow. Though it will be awfully cold in the early morning, it is supposed to get close to 40 in the afternoon.


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