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Sunday, February 18, 2007

American Dippers-harbingers of spring

The American Dippers are singing more and now throughout the day--spring can only be on the way. At my friend's place, I watched a pair chase each other up and down the Arkansas River. I was able to get this photo which shows it's white eyelids that are apparent when it blinks. It is amazing how they are able to fly within inches of each other without colliding. My friend said he heard them singing throughout the day today. I wonder if today's temp's that got to 65 F influenced them.

In addition to their frequent singing and their unique rattle-like call, they made a "beep"-like call several times as they engaged in chasing. These behaviors reinforce the pair bond and define their territory.

Nest building could begin at any time as the earliest record for this in the Colorado Breeding Bird Atlas is Feb 21.

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