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Friday, March 02, 2007

Great new magazine-"Nature's Garden"

I have never given a commercial (or any other type for that matter) magazine a plug but I believe that "Nature's Garden" by Better Homes and Gardens is worth supporting. I purchased the premier issue dated "Spring 2007" at a local supermarket several weeks ago but it is likely to still be available as it shows "Display until April 17".

What's so good about "Nature's Garden"? It actually features native plants, which is really important for wildscaping for birds, butterflies and other wildlife (as native plants have evolved with birds and other wildlife, they best provide for their needs especially in a timely manner and often provide for more than one species). They have articles on ecologically friendly gardening methods such as using push lawnmowers and they have an article on a commercial but organic plant food that is produced by worms and packaged in an eco-friendly manner.

This first issue of "Nature's Garden" has articles on butterflies and also on dragonflies, including how to attract both. And there is an extensive article on bluebirds including details on how to build bluebird boxes and information on bluebird trails.

I think this is one of those times when we should encourage this more bird and ecology-friendly garden magazine than the usual ones (which often encourage use of non-native plants, herbicides and pesticides) by putting out a few bucks. Only when companies like Better Homes & Gardens see that people will buy these nature-friendly magazines will they produce them. So when you go to a grocery store or other store with popular magazines, look for "Nature's Garden" and buy one.



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