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Monday, February 19, 2007

Better photo of American Dipper

That photo of the American Dipper I took yesterday that I uploaded last night was pretty grainy. Partially that is due to low light as the bird was in the shadows but also because I just got Adobe Photoshop Elements yesterday and I am still learning how to edit with it.

I was back at my friend's place today and the dippers were quite active. I took this photo of an American Dipper, though actually a little further away than yesterday's, today's had better light. But be sure to double-click the photo to enlarge the bird for better viewing.

I watched a female (smaller than male) engage in courtship behavior--crouching down and fluttering her wings like a fledgling. Though I watched carefully for several minutes, I never saw the male feed her as I have read occurs with this behavior. Then I saw a third dipper, presumably an interloper trying to steal the female away. The first male then engaged in chasing the second male down the river. The female remained where she had been for about 5 minutes until a male came back to her.


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