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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

More pics from Snow Goose Festival

The top photo shows our keynote speaker, Pete Dunne, giving a program on "pishing". In this photo he is demonstrating hwo to use your fingers to make scolding calls. Both of the programs he gave, "The Art of Pishing" and "25 Things that Changed Birding", were excellent. He is a great speaker, very knoledgeable and entertaining, and an amazing birder.

The bottom photo is of one of the MULE (not white-tailed as I had originally noted) deer that hang out in the Lamar Woods area. They seem to wonder what we birders are doing especially when we make pishing noises and mimic bird calls when they are around. The motel I stay in, the Blue Spruce, is located adjacent to the Lamar Woods area and these deer spent the night in the yard of the motel and I found them bedded down there when I took my dogs out before we went to bed.

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