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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Nesting American Dippers

Yesterday I checked some areas in Western Fremont County where I have been monitoring breeding American Dippers. Though the Colorado Breeding Bird Atlas, which was published in 1998, didn't find occupied nests until May I believe they nest earlier than that--at least along the Arkansas River west of Canon City.

My first stop was the Texas Creek bridge. I found a pair of American Dippers that sang some and clearly (by the amount of droppings on the rocks by the bridge) had been spending a lot of time near that bridge. Though I couldn't locate a nest under it, it is quite possible there is one being built there as it is impossible to see under most of this bridge.

I drove further upstream and checked the Valle Bridge. That is where I found the nest and the American Dipper in these photos. It appears complete though I wouldn't venture to say if there was any further interior work remaining.


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