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Friday, March 09, 2007

Carolina Wren & Yellow-rumped Warblers along Canon City Riverwalk

I walked the west section of the Canon City Riverwalk this morning, the first time since early fall. And it was a great day to do this--the temps came close to 70 again for the second time this week, and boy were the birds out and about. I ran into the other Canon City birder, Rich, and we birded together for awhile. I told him I had seen a Cooper's Hawk fly close overhead and he said he had also seen an accipiter, likely the same one given timing and location, also. He trumped the single Yellow-rumped Warbler I had seen with his count of 9.

We talked about the Carolina Wren that he had found on the Riverwalk last year in this area. Though he had not heard it for awhile, other birders had reported having seen or heard it in the past month or so. After we walked several hundred yards away from the location where he had heard this wren before, I heard the distinctive call that is often described phonetically as "tea kettle, tea kettle, tea kettle." It doesn't really sound like that, or other phonetic descriptions, to me but it is nonetheless distinctive. This shy wren would not come out to be seen and stopped singing when walked nearby on the trail (as opposed to the Carolina Wren that several of us saw and got to watch for several minutes at the Lamar Woods area during the Snow Goose Festival).

There were more nice birds there today but I will put them in my next posts or this would be too long.

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