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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Great Horned Owl on nest

I found this Great Horned Owl sitting on her nest in the Pueblo area today. I know it was a female as only the female incubates the eggs. Though her nest was in a large cottonwood directly above a paved trail, it was about 60 feet up. The nest was fairly visible, though I did miss it when I first walked by. However, the mother owl was only visible from one side and then only from a distance of 50-60 feet from the tree.
I took these photos from about 100-125 feet from the tree. These are both the same photo, I just cropped the lower one more than I did the upper photo. I included both because I think it gives an understanding of how well camouflaged this owl's nest was by seeing the upper photo. The best views can be had by double-clicking on the lower photo.

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