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Monday, March 05, 2007

Swans in Pueblo

Boy, let the weather warm, the ice melt on lakes and interesting birds can be found. Today I was told that 2 swans had been found at Lake Minnequa in Pueblo and since I had an appointment there I stopped to look for them.
One of the swans is a Trumpeter, which is somewhat rare. The other is a Mute Swan--these are non-native birds that have been introduced into many ponds and lakes around the United States. The bird at Minnequa lake is an escapee from some other location.

The Trumpeter Swan was out too far to get a photo but I did get these pics of the Mute Swan. I think they are quite stunning even though they are non-native ( I don't believe they have created any problems for native species). Be sure to double-click on the photos to see the details of their feathers, especially on the lower photo--the swan had just fluffed its feathers and the wings and tail feathers are still fluffed out here. Note the bright orange bill with blackish tip and raised black "knob" above the bill--very distinctive features that make it easy to distinguish this swan from Tundra and Trumpeter Swans.


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