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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

American Redstart, uber rarity, in Canon City

Today there was a significant warbler "fall out" on the Canon City Riverwalk and it was highlighted by an adult American Redstart. Since there have only been 4 or 5 prior records in the whole state, this bird is an uber rarity.

This photo shows the red chest/belly, black upperparts and white outer tail feathers (actually only 3 have white in them, but when folded only the white shows from underneath). If you look closely you can see the white crescent beneath it's eye (double-click to enlarge photo to see crescent and other details).

This bird was found by a Canon City birder, Rich. I was in Pueblo and received a call on my cell phone from Brandon but couldn't leave for an hour or so. I got back to Canon City about 4 pm and the bird was still being seen and actively calling. I got this photo with my 12X digital camera when the bird was on a lower branch about 30 feet away. I have more pics I need to edit so more later.

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