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Sunday, April 01, 2007

Eastern, Say's & Black Phoebes in Canon City today

Today was a 3-phoebe day, with Eastern, Black & Say's Phoebes all in Canon City today. These three species all occur regularly in the Canon City area and have been documented breeding in our county (Fremont). In the past I have had all three species within a hundred feet of each other. The Say's Phoebe that had been hanging out on the Canon City Riverwalk was in a more accessible location and I got this (top) photo of it.

Nearby I found a pair of Eastern Phoebes appearing to check out the area around an old open sewer pond. I say "pair" with a fair degree of confidence not only because Eastern Phoebes start establishing pair bonds as soon as they arrive on breeding territory (and they have bred in Fremont Co) but also because they were flying around together. Last year a pair (maybe the same pair?) hung out at this location for awhile but I didn't find evidence of nesting. Maybe this year. I took the bottom photo of one of these Eastern Phoebes.

And late this afternoon I saw a Black Phoebe at my friend's property. This is presumable the same bird that I have seen there a few times in the past week or so. I didn't get a new photo of it but I have posted one in a post on this bird below.

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