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Monday, March 26, 2007

Osprey building nest on artificial nest platform

I stopped at the Pueblo Res after an appointment in that area today. I was delighted to spot one of the Ospreys carrying nest material. I positioned myself to watch and hopefully get some photos. Then I spotted the nest the Osprey was building. It was being built on one of the artificial nest platforms erected by our local electric utility (Aquila) that I posted about last month. It certainly didn't take these birds anytime since these nest platforms were just erected a month or so ago, and the Ospreys just started arriving in Pueblo last week.

The top photo is when the Osprey was headed out to get nest material, the middle photo shows it with nest material in it's claws and the last photo is of the artificial nest platform with the beginnings of a nest.

After the Osprey would return to the nest platform with more nest material, it would go about arranging this material with it's claws and beak. The process often involved a lot of wing flapping as the bird lifted off a little to facilitate the positioning of the sticks.

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