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Thursday, March 22, 2007

More Carolina Wren pics

Here are two more pics I got of the Carolina Wren this morning that show the bird from different views. All 3 of the pics on this and the previous post were taken within about 5 minutes, starting just as soon as I got to the tree where the wren was perched. Then the bird either realized I was watching it, or associated me with the small click my digital camera makes, as it moved away. It then either sang from locations where I could not see him or when I could see him, he was behind a lot of limbs or vines so only partially visible.

The bottom pic is one of those fun ones that show how well birds can blend into their surroundings, and how they can think they are invisible behind some small branches. This photo was before the bird became evasive. It had dropped down, was quiet several minutes, then was making its way back up the tree when I caught it checking things out before it came up.

After I got my pics and the bird moved away, I stayed for another 20 minutes listening to him singing and calling. He emitting some interesting calls, including a very soft "muttering"-like call.

The top photo gets fuzzy when enlarged by double-clicking but it easy to see the bird in the bottom photo by doing this.


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