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Thursday, April 05, 2007

Snake Id

I was able to get identification info on the two snakes I posted on yesterday from Tina Jackson, the Herptile Coordinator for the Colorado Division of Wildlife. She said that the snake in the top photo in the post below looks like a Plains Garter Snake but with an usual collation for this species. She noted it has black edge on it's upper lip and only this and the black-necked snakes (which this is clearly not) have this characteristic.

As the photo in the lower pic is more distant Tina had to make an educated guess but said she was comfortable with Western terrestrial garter snake. She noted that the pale strip pattern and dark color were consistent with that species.

If you have any interest in herps, the Colorado Division of Wildlife has a Herpetofaunal Atlas that can be accessed at . Not only can you get info on herps that occur in Colorado but you can report those you see. Check it out.

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