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Friday, April 06, 2007

Another pair of Eastern Phoebes in Fremont Co

I drove out to the Florence River Park yesterday afternoon to look for the Black Phoebe I found there on April 2 as posted below. When I didn't locate it, I drove to the river side of this little park to walk my dogs. After walking about 20 minutes I heard an Eastern Phoebe calling loudly then another Eastern Phoebe calling back. As the light was fading as it was dusk, and the birds stopped calling after a few minutes, I never saw the birds (however I a photo of one of the Riverwalk birds is on my April 1 post)/.

Interestingly the Eastern Phoebes were located in the area of the Florence River Park where the tamarisk had been removed this winter leaving virtually no understory. As disastrous as this is for the many warblers, including some rarities, that previously used this area the now open areas between the cottonwoods is the type of habitat that Eastern Phoebes like.

With these birds that makes a total of 5 Eastern Phoebes (at least 4 being different individuals) and 3 Black Phoebes (at least 2 being different individuals) thus far this year in Fremont County. That is very good for this early but past history indicates there will likely be more birds of both species.


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