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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Humongous dragonfly

I birded my way home yesterday, stopping at Thurston Reservoir just north of Lamar. Though I had seen at least 3 Green Herons there a few nights ago, the only action in the mid-day were some waterfowl and these humongous dragonflies. Though many dragonflies and damselflies I have seen will stop occasionally and rest for awhile, I could never catch these when they weren't zipping around which made photographing them a real challenge. This was made worse because they would make these sudden changes in direction so it was difficult to track them.

I did manage to get these pics and identify this dragonfly as a Common Green Darner. The top photo shows the structure of these darners while the bottom pic shows the colors. And they were quite colorful with a bright green head and forward half while its back section was an electric blue.

The Field Guide to Dragonflies and Damselflies of North America online states, "It is a voracious predator commonly taking wasps, butterflies, mosquitoes, and other dragonflies on the wing . . . It has even been reported to attack hummingbirds and can be cannibalistic." Since they are as big as the smaller hummingbirds, I guess I could believe it.

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