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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

It's a small world in SE Colorado-for real

Indeed, SE Colorado is a small place at least population-wise (though certainly not in it's physical size) with all the towns fairly small. I stopped in Rocky Ford on my way down to Lamar and went into the town library (a very nice, new building with a number of computers that access the internet) to check my email as I often do when in the area.

Though I didn't have my binoculars on, I did have on a t-shirt with birds of prey on it. I stopped at the front desk and told them I was from out-of-town and wanted to check my email. A lady standing there made a comment about the Mississippi Kites that she enjoys in town. We talked briefly and she exclaimed that I was the person who has the SE Colorado Birding blog. It turns out she reads this blog fairly regularly and had even submitted a comment some time ago.

This is one of the qualities of SE Colorado--real small towns and many very nice people. I always enjoy stopping in Rocky Ford, it is fairly quiet and you can actually usually hear the birds you are looking for. They have a large Loaf-n-Jug convenience store with a Subway sandwich shop, clean restrooms and gas pumps. There is Sonic drive-in and a neat restaurant called Christine's that is housed in an old church (has good bar-b-que sandwiches) that has some nice photographs that are for sale. And this is where the Rocky Ford mellons come from.


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