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Saturday, May 19, 2007

More Yellow-throated Warbler

This morning I returned to the Fairmont Cemetery in Lamar to see if the Yellow-throated Warbler was still there. It was and it was still singing and singing and singing. Today I was able to spot it high up in the large evergreens that had so frustrated me yesterday (and though it was higher up today I got these better pics too). One of the things I have learned is that after I have seen a bird in the wild (rather than in books)and watched it some, I am more able to find one of that species again (or, as in this case where the bird is singing, to spot the bird). I think it is kind of an axom in birding that once you have seen your first bird of a species that occurs reguarly where you are birding, you often begin seeing birds of that species frequently.

Anyhow, I watched this little rarity for about 15 minutes as it moved actively about in several pine trees. Several times it flew over a hundred feet from one tree to another though most of the time it worked a tree, often moving from the inside to the outside of a limb. I did watch it walk across limbs like Black & White Warblers, sometimes probing with its long bill into the bark. However, it seemed to spend more foraging time in clumps of evergreen needles and in pine cones.

Though the warbler foraged a lot, it spent far more time singing. It would move, forage than stop to sing one or more songs. It was kind of sad as it seemed to be working very hard to attract a mate with its singing since it is very unlikely to find one this far from where these birds are found (the closest would be far SE Kansas).

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