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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

More high-sitting geese

In response to the previous post on the goose I found sitting on the rock tower, a friend emailed me that she has a Canada Goose "perching on the trunk of a cottonwood tree 6 stories up by my apartment -- so the oddity does re-occur!"

Another friend messaged as follows: We've had multiple geese nests that have been raided, only one having been successful. They were nesting on top of steeply slanted car port roofs

And still another friend said: Last week at the Wheat Ridge Green Belt I saw a Canada Goose half way up a tall Cottonwood on broken stump out where where every one could see it including female geese. Coming back it had moved higher in the tree still prominently displayed. Males will go to great heights to impress!

If anyone else has seen a high-sitting goose, please make a comment by clicking on the "Comment" button below (though it registers your email address, it does not show publicly though it does cache it so I can access it).


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