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Monday, June 11, 2007

Male oriole bringing food to young in nest

Today I watched this male Bullock's Oriole in the Canon City area bringing food (looks like a fat worm-like insect) to the nest in an attempt to feed his offspring. The first time he brought food, it appeared that he was having trouble accomplishing the task as he would raise back up out of the nest with the insect still in his beak.

He tried two more times then flew off. A minute later a female Bullock's Oriole flew out of this nest. Then a few minutes later the male returned and resumed his attempt to feed the nestlings. Apparently he was successful this time he came back up with no food in his beak.

Double-click on the pics to enlarge them and see the bird's plumage and features up close. In the third pic the bird's thigh's are visible as are much of it's underparts (actually, this is not an uncommon view in the field since oriole's tend to be above us in trees).



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