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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Wheezy Western Wood-Pewee

Western Wood-Pewees have a distinct wheezy call that to me sounds like "pe-wee" (with the accent on the first syllable). A common species throughout most of SE Colorado, their plumage is as non-descript as their call is distinctive.

I saw this Western Wood-Pewee in the San Isabel National Forest southeast of Canon City and near the small town of Greenwood in Custere Co. While I was watching another bird, I heard the loud 2 cycle engine sound of an ATV. So did the bird and it flew off when the ATV approached. This is an experience I have had previously. Additionally the noise of the ATV made it nearly impossible to continue listening to the many birds that were calling or singing. And this was a family, probably grandparents with grandchildren not some hotrod. ATV's and dirt bikes are incompatible with birding and disruptive to birds and otner wildlife. They need to be restricted in our public lands such as this national forestland.

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