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Sunday, July 29, 2007

More Great Blue Heron nestlings

In addition to the older nestlings, I saw one nest with the younger nestlings shown in this pic. One of the nestlings has it's beak open as it begs it's parent for food. The second nestling is to the left of that bird and is more difficult to see. A few days later when I returned to do more bird surveys, I watched as a parent bird brought a large fish that looked about a foot long to the nest. One of these nestlings chugged it down in several big gulps while the other nestling protested loudly and tugged on the parent bird's beak with it's beak (a way they stimulate the parent to feed them). The parent bird then regurgitated some food (again, this is how they usually feed their young)and the second bird got some food, though nothing as good as it's sibling.

Many of the other nests were empty by the end of July as many of the young birds had already fledged. There were also a few birds standing near nests where nestlings were not visible--could either be they were younger or just down on the nest.

Though the pics become somewhat blurry, the nestlings are more easily seen when the pic is double-clicked to enlarge it.

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