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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Birding by boat at John Martin Res

My Audubon chapter in collaboration with he Colo Div of Wildlife, and assistance from Colo State Parks, conducted a birding trip by boat on John Martin Res. That reservoir is quite difficult to bird as it is very large with heavy sand on the south shore and rugged 2-track roads on the north. Though it was windy, it warmed up to the 70's and was warm even though we were on the water. I'm a real wimp when it comes to being cold but I was warm enough to take off my coat in the afternoon.

The neat thing about being on a boat is that many birds are less concerned about an approach from the water than on foot or even by vehicle. So it is often possible to get closer and see species such as shorebirds that often must be viewed from a distance through a spotting scope.

The highlight was a small flock of American Pipits but I only got to see them in flight and didn't get any pics of them. But I did get this pic of a Greater Yellowlegs, one of several we saw along the shore. More in next post. SeEtta

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