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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Snow & Ross' Geese return

Snow and Ross' Geese are returning to their wintering grounds throughout eastern Colorado from their arctic tundra nesting areas. I saw about 1,000 of these white geese at Neegronda and Neenoshe Reservoirs on Sunday. Then while I was watching a late Greater Yellowlegs at John Martin Reservoir on Monday, a flock of about 500 white geese flew over and landed on the south shore and this photo is from this sight.Within the next few months, tens of thousands of Snow Geese and lesser numbers of Ross' Geese will make their way to SE Colorado where they will feast in the many grain fields during the winter months. These geese form the basis for the Snow Goose Festival held in February in Lamar.

I took the lower pic of a Great-tailed Grackle at Lake Meredith where it and others were feasting on some thistle plants.


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