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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Winter Bald Eagle

Every winter Bald Eagles from more northerly locations move into SE Colorado where there is open water. Many make the Pueblo Reservoir their winter home and some of these fly upriver to fish along the Arkansas River. Today I had a meeting in western Fremont Co and took advantage of the beautiful day to do a little birding along the Arkansas River. I was delighted to find 5 American Dippers in a two-hundred foot section of the river by the Texas Creek bridge. This is a reliable breeding location so it may be that these are the parents and some offspring from last summer's nesting.

Further upriver I saw two Bald Eagles including the one in this pic. This eagle was perched several hundred feet across the highway and the river. Only a dslr camera could take a clear pic. Not only does my new Canon xti dslr camera provide good quality pics of more distant birds but it allows me to take photos of sensitive species like Bald Eagles from a sufficient distance that they are not disturbed, very important for bird photography. SeEtta


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