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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Tunnel Drive Canon Towhee

Today I really got out to do some birding before another big cold front comes through and drops the temps again. I stopped at Tunnel Drive on the west end of Canon City. Though it is closed for repairs, I found this Canon Towhee by the parking area. Canon Towhees are fairly common in this rocky, pinyon-juniper and chollo cactus habitat. The specialty of the area is Rufous-crowned Sparrows, a species I almost always see in association with Canon Towhees; however, I didn't see any of these sparrows today and could only locate two Canon Towhees.

This pic of the towhee is interesting. The wind was blowing a little but only one section of the birds feathers were ruffled by the wind. I find the eyes very interesting as this view seems to indicate that the eyes are set in a concave manner on the sides of the face. This curvature can be seen best by double-clicking the pic to enlarge it (though this pushes the pic past the best resolution). I'm not sure if this is a visual allusion or an actuality.
More tomorrow. SeEtta


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