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Monday, June 09, 2008

Black Phoebe family refound

I pleasantly surprised to refind the Black Phoebe family today. As this is day 4 since the young fledged, I didn't think I would see them as they move further from the nest. And they did move almost a quarter mile away to the location I saw one of the adults yesterday. And a great place it is--still water, overhanging trees, protected from the wind by a hay barn and a number of dragonflies and other flying insects (in fact a mayfly perched on the inside upholstery on my car door--they are really small).

Both Black Phoebe parents were actively sallying after insects which they would quickly take to the fledglings that were well protected (and non visible due to all the branches and tree leaves) in some trees with branches that were overhanging the water. A few times one of the fledglings flew out into the open onto one of the branches but it returned quickly to the shady area within the tree branches. When one of the fledglings perched near an adult, the shortness of it's tail relative to the adult's tail was most evident.

The parent bird in this photo has a good sized dragonfly in it's beak. I was impressed by the size of the dragonflies that the parents were catching to feed the fledglings--one appeared to almost 4 inches in wing span, which would make a large meal for a Black Phoebe. SeEtta


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