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Saturday, June 07, 2008

The Black Phoebes have fledged

Here are the fledgling Black Phoebes from the nest in the previous post. They fledged day before yesterday. The parent(s) brought them to the tree closest to the nest as I have observed during prior nestings. This tree is only about 100 feet from the nest but is a great tree for hiding new fledglings as it has many branches overhanging the river below. I saw all three fledglings but was unable to get a pic with all of them together. Actually they were again a challenge to photograph as they were perched on the overhanging branches with lots of other branches in between. At least one parent was attending them and I watched as one was fed. The brown edging indicative of immature Black Phoebes is quite evident in these pics as is the orangish gape. Their tarsi (legs) are in between the orange of hatchlings and the brownish-black of adult birds. The same is true of the toes which are turning from the yellow found on hatchlings towards the brownish black found on adults. Juvenile Black Phoebes are a darker black than adults, which is reflected in both pics. Otherwise they look like adult birds with blackish upperparts and white underparts. The fledglings were making calls similar to adult, presumably the "tsip" calls identified in Birds of North Americaonline. SeEtta


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