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Monday, June 16, 2008

Day 10--5 Black Phoebes still together

Earlier in the afternoon I spotted an adult and two fledglings back in the protected area with the adult working hard to feed one or more fledglings. I did find an apparently older sibling (eggs are usually laid one per day so one fledgling is several days older than the bird whose egg was laid last) flycatching independently on the river (the independence marks the move from fledgling to juvenile). That is the bird in this pic that just caught a good sized dragonfly (looks like a Twelve-spotted Skimmer).

When I returned late in the afternoon they had moved to the river. Since our temp had gone to 95, I appreciated the relative coolness near the river. However it is more of a challenge to observe them as they tend to stay under trees and other vegetation and I cannot go to the opposite bank to view them. I could hear them quite well and carefully walked closer. I was surprised to see all 5 Black Phoebes still together. SeEtta


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