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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Much more on Black Phoebe family

Sorry to leave people hanging but I had to focus on writing comments from my Audubon chapter and the state Audubon on an Environmental Impact Statement for a major water project affecting natural resources in SE Colorado (it took me about 20 hours to write the 8 pages and 1 page of bibliography, now my mind is numb). I did, however, run over to my friend's to look for and keep track of the Black Phoebe family which fortunately settled in at the protected area where I refound them on Day 4. Unfortunately they demonstrated a lot of sensitivity to my photographing them (darn digital cameras make a lot of noise relative to the old 35mm cameras) so I didn't get any usable pics for Days 5-7 since I didn't want to disturb the family.

By the way, I am numbering days with Day 1 being the day the youngsters fledged

Day 5--I saw a fledgling sally out after an insect and it caught it successfully. Later I was near the nesting location and found 1 adult and 1 fledgling very near the nest--what a surprise. In past years I have observed the adults splitting up the fledglings with each taking one or two and taking care of them separately--hopefully that is the case, which would indicate that the 3rd fledgling actually survives. Maybe it was the youngest and not as strong a flier so a parent kept it near nest instead of moving with the other 2 fledglings to the protected area that is almost a quarter mile away.

Day 6--At least one parent bringing food to fledglings that are mostly staying hidden in a Russian Olive in a small thicket of tree limbs and snags overhanging the water. This provides a nice shady area for the fledglings to get out of the warmish sun.

Day 7--Occasionally a fledgling would emerge from the trees to sally after an insect. At least one parent still feeding them.

Much more to come. SeEtta


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