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Friday, January 12, 2007

Canon City area ponds

I only checked two ponds in the Canon City area today as I was busy getting things done before another nasty storm hits Colorado (tho this one will leave the big snow in the mountains they say, it is predicted to cover everything with freezing fog and drizzle (very unusual for Colorado).

The large pond at the Sumo Golf Course in Florence had about 25% of its water open but there were only 2 male Common Goldeneyes there. Sell's Lake adjacent to the Canon City Riverwalk was totally open. I saw over a dozen Hooded Merganzers, some Mallards and American Coots there.

As the snow cover (only 4-8 inches deep here when I returned on Monday) has melted in nice temps here this week (today it almost got up to 60 in Canon City), there are lots more birds around.

Since this storm is bringing an arctic front, we will likely loose our open water just as has happened in the lower Ark Valley.


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