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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

John Martin Reservoir area

Lake Hasty, the small lake below the John Marting dam, had only a small area of open water that the American Coots had maintained. It was odd watching coots appearing to feed on the ice on this lake. I can't imagine what was out there to eat. A herd of white-tailed deer had taken over the campground that was draped in about a foot of snow.

As can be seen in the top photo looking towards the dam, John Martin Reservoir was iced over except for small areas near the shore. I saw some Dark-eyed Juncos and Mountain Bluebirds there.

I did find a Greater Roadrunner in the John Martin area. I also found a flock of mixed geese-dark geese (probably Canada), Snow and at least one Ross'. They were feeding in a corn field that had tall stubble as seen in the bottom photo.

I didn't have time to bird any other locations on my way home. The snow continued to be 1-2 foot high all the way to Pueblo County. According to a number of older folks who have lived in far SE Colorado all their lives, this is the worst snow storm they have ever seen or even heard about from their parents.


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