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Saturday, January 13, 2007

Cold Canon City

It snowed almost 5 inches overnight in Canon City so everything was very white today.
I decided to ignore my still very sore tooth (from root canal retreatment yesterday) and the cold to see what birds were around.

Howver, after a low of 2 degrees this morning, I didn't venture out until the temps warmed up to about a sizzling 10 degrees at 11:30. I looked for Yellow-bellied Sapsuckers walking the area they are usually seen at Centennial Park without success. I checked Lakeside Cemetery but was now too cold to get out and walk around too much so didn't find one there either. Not sure if the cold temps were effecting the sapsuckers behavior or just my lack of motivation to walk around looking for them. There were a number of Dark-eyed Juncos and some Western Bluebirds at the cemetery, both often seen there but really quite striking in the snow.

I went to Shadow Hills Golf Course where I could look for birds from my car. There were flocks of 20-30 American Robins, small flocks of Dark-Eyed Juncos and plenty of Western Bluebirds. I took this photo from the golf course. The town of Canon City is in the mid-distance with Cooper Mountain as the backdrop.


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