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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Canon City deep freeze

Well, we got down to 2 degrees last night in Canon City but after the snow stopped this afternoon the temps rose to about 20!. We got another 4" of snow but now the cloud cover is gone and the temps are forecast to drop to minus 8 tonight. I got my bird bath heater out today to keep some water open for birds around my yard. Though I hadn't been feeding, I started putting out seed this week to help with the extremes of deep snow and serious cold temps.

I tried to load a photo some oversized icicles created where there are continuing seeps from a cliff area over the Arkansas River but blogspot is giving me the blues.

So I uploaded these pics of a female red-shafted Northern Flicker I took today. Though common and widespread, Northern Flickers are quite attractive birds which is evident in the close up on the bottom pic.

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