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Friday, January 12, 2007

This just ain't normal

Though it doesn't look like SE Colorado is going to be blasted like it has in the past 2 snowstorms, this one is becoming worse. The 1-2" originally forecasted is now increased to 6-9 inches across much of our area. And freezing rain is forecasted again for far SE Colorado. This just is not normal winter weather. I know that from a scientific standpoint these storms cannnot be attributed to Global Climate Change, but this sure is just weird weather.

I did not get to do any birding today as I had to drive to Pueblo to have root canal retreatment (the dentist didn't get all the root out during the first root canal so it abscessed again; after the endodontist worked for 1 1/2 hours to get the old root canal filling out, there was still some left and we ended for today; tonight I have a bad toothache) then had to get snowtires (hey, I sure didn't need them in So Texas with highs usually in the 70's and sometimes 80's). Usually I would have seen several Red-tailed Hawks along the drive to Pueblo, but it was too snowy today.


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