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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Black Phoebe in Canon City area

The last Black Phoebe I saw in the Canon City area, or anywhere in Fremont Co, was last fall. In some past years I have found them overwintering and this year 2 overwintered in Pueblo.

Yesterday I found the Black Phoebe in these photos on my friend's property near Canon City. This location has hosted the majority of Black Phoebes both breeding and non-breeding since I found the first bird of this species in Fremont County eleven years ago.

As can be seen on the bottom photo, a considerable amount of white can be seen in this phoebe's plumage though as clear in the top photo the white is not visible (though the grayish/whitish edging on the fligh feathers is visible). The bird was preening when I took the bottom photo which apparently caused the white feathers to be visible. Since the various molts (per life stages)occur during summer months to Sepember per Birds of North America online and that is also my experience with this species.

So these white feathers are not consistent with a molt status. I have seen white feathers in similar locations on Black Phoebes in the past but not as much as this. Birds of North America online doesn't mention any white underfeathers on the back or sides of Black Phoebes, so I am unable to explain this. Maybe I will hear from someone who can. (These plumage details can be best seen when you double-click on the photos to enlarge them)


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