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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Photo of Carolina Wren on Canon City Riverwalk

This morning I stopped again on my way home from exercise class (walking ain't enough)to see if I could see the rare Carolina Wren that has been on the Canon City Riverwalk since last summer. Though I have heard it singing and calling, I had not seen the bird yet.

Ah, success. I parked in the Raynolds Street parking lot that is next to the Recreation Dept building. As soon as I got out of my car I could hear the Carolina Wren singing; however, it was not singing the "tea-kettle-tea-kettle-tea-kettle" song that it is best known for.

I found the bird only about a 100 feet west of this parking lot. He (only males sing) was singing from a perch and I was able to get this photo of him singing from about 15-20 feet away (I have a 12X digital camera then crop photos to enlarge them). Though it was on a high branch, it was still behind some small tree limbs so I had to photograph it through a "hole" in the tangle.

Though the photo isn't as crisp when double-clicked to enlarge it, it does show some interesting detail.


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