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Thursday, April 05, 2007

Now a Black Phoebe pair in Canon City

As I posted earlier, there has been one Black Phoebe my friend's property which is along the Arkansas River in the Canon City area. And now there is a pair that I just saw a short time ago. My friend, though not a birder, is quite skilled in identifying this species both visually and and by call as he has hosted several Black Phoebes every year for a number of years. He says there have been 2 birds for a day or two but today was the first time I saw 2 Black Phoebes at the same time.

These birds are foraging together and spending time near the location where they have nested over the years. I wouldn't be surprised to see them beginning to work on a nest in the next few weeks.

The top photo is of one of these phoebes with a full frontal view. However the bottom photo is more classic as this is how Black Phoebes are often seen. Though they spend time on high on power lines and fences, they are frequently found sallying, or loafing, from the branches of an tree or other vegetation overhanging a waterway.

Because of their tendency to forage in locatins difficult to see and why being able to identify them by call is very helpful. In fact, I often hear Black Phoebes before I see them.

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