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Monday, July 30, 2007

Another cool dragonfly-a Western Meadowhawk

Boy, this seems to be a great time for seeing dragonflies, at least for me. I found this neat dragonfly on a shrub in my backyard in Canon City this morning. I feel pretty sure (given that I am a novice) that I have it's identification correct--a female Western Meadowhawk (it's even got a cool name). It's latin name is Sympetrum semicinctum fasciatum (uh, I like Meadowhawk better and I found a different latin name for this species). Fortunately these pics are almost as good as the photos I took.Strangely (given all the resources on the internet) I couldn't find much about this species. I did find that males have reddish bodies (I don't know their parts well enough to be more specific) while the females like this one are yellowish.


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