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Friday, November 02, 2007

American Dipper singing softly

The weather is a little variable now but still the highs are in the 50's in the lower elevations of SE Colorado (it is almost always cooler in the higher areas). The Canon City Riverwalk is quite pretty in the fall as can be seen by the top & bottom pics. I spotted the buck in the bottom pic as it walked across the river. It appeared to be using the Arkansa River, which is pretty low right now, as highway to get where it was going while staying near cover. With it's nice rack it needs to be cautious.

The American Dipper was singing softly at the water's edge. According to Birds of North America(BNA) online, singing in the fall and winter is part of establishing winter territories. This particular dipper was singing so softly, it was as if it was whispering it's sweet song. This is quite different from the often quite loud, though always pleasant, singing that can be heard quite a distance.

Unlike many bird species, both sexes of American Dippers sing and their songs are indistinguishable per BNA. Indeed American Dippers are most unusual compared to other species since they do sing in fall and winter, quite a delight to those who are fortunate to hear them. SeEtta


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