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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Need help aging and sexing the Long-tailed Duck

I received an email tonight from another SE Colo birder who has seen a number of Long-tailed Duck at the Pueblo Res and he said that he has also seen some on the Arkansas River in Pueblo Co. The tail is awfully long for a female but it doesn't have either yellow or pink on it's bill as a male should have.

So I guess it isn't so unusual that I saw this one on the river. Unfortunately he found this duck's plumage confusing. So if anyone who views this has experience with Long-tailed Duck plumage, I would appreciate your assistance on aging and sexing this duck. Maybe the ornithologist from Sala Vastmanland Sweden who regularly views my blog has some experience (I have read on Birds of North Americaonline that this species both breeds and winters offshore of Sweden).

As I wasn't aware of any sightings of Long-tailed Duck in Fremont Co, I checked the Colo Field Ornithologist website and the species was not on the species list for the county. And Brandon noted that this may be a first record for this county. SeEtta


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