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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Mountain Chickadees continue on plains

Unusually high numbers of Mountain Chickadees that have moved to the plains this winter continue throughout eastern Colo including here in the Canon City area. While I was gone on my recent trip I paid a neighbor girl to put safflower seeds in the platform feeder that the Mountain Chickadees prefer--though research shows that birds not only do not depend on feeders for all their food but have a number of feeders they go to, I just think it is not responsible to start feeding in the winter then stop. I left enough peanut pieces in the nut feeder that there were still some left when I returned.

Today all 4 Mountain Chickadees came to my feeders and I got these pics of one when it perched in one of my pine trees. I also saw at least a dozen more in one hundred yard section of the Canon City Riverwalk this afternoon. I was also delighted to see at least 8 Black-capped Chickadees, a species that took a big hit from the West Nile Virus and is just making a comeback. SeEtta


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