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Friday, May 19, 2006

More on unusual breeding behavior of Mississippi Kites

I have read through the several books that I have, and searched the internet, including the comprehensive Birds of North America for information on breeding behavior of Mississippi Kites--I have found very little. It is noted that they are usually paired up before reaching their breeding grounds.

Apparently there is sometimes, but not always, a presentation of prey from the male to the female as part of pre-copulatory behavior. It was noted in Birds of North America that, ". . . mounting lasts about 10 s to nearly 1 min . . . " and notations on frequency and intervals between copulatory behaviors.

However I found nothing on copulatory behavior patterns or any notation about the behavior I observed when the male in the photos such as the one in this post that enveloped the female with his wings. If anyone has any reference for this, or experience, I would appreciate your sharing that information.


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